This custom-build interoperable blockchain will allow for virtually instantaneous confirmations as well as unlimited throughput. It will also guarantee a high degree of security as nodes require an economic stake to become validators in the network. This will ensure that works of art tokenised and deployed on this blockchain will remain secure. ArtWallet introduces the ecosystem for the whole lifecycle of any work of art or collectible. Create, track, validate and invest in a unique assets on the blockchain by creating their digital DNA. ArtWallet puts the ‘DNA of Art’ on the blockchain. Just as your DNA can be analysed to prove your identity, origin and lineage, the ‘DNA of Art’ will immutably attest to an art piece's authenticity, ownership history, and provenance. Each verified art piece will be auctioned and tokenised using smart contracts in a process called the Initial Art Offering. IAO for artwork will work in similar way to ICO with aim for art market where $65 billion worth of art changes hands annually. ARTex exchange will enable the trade of tokenised assets, using ArtWallet's platform - native utility token BuyArt.